Positive Affirmations – Replacing the Negative Tapes

This is one area I’ve spent quite a few years devoted to including self-esteem tapes which were very helpful but this is one thorn that quickly returned with the invasion of Complex PTSD.

Because it does continue to be a big problem it is just one of the reasons that I have set out on a journey to heal my past and specifically my inner child as I’m noticing that many times it is my “inner critic” that is one who judges me so harshly along with the “old me” or rather the person that I came to be for the last 50 years.  I never really got caught up with comparing myself to others but I do find myself negatively judging myself as I try to figure out how I can navigate in the real world with my Complex PTSD symptoms.

I do have quite a few internet pages I go to for Positive Affirmations and I have grown very attached to many “pieces” that I go to frequently.


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