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Why I choose to heal my inner child and ego state therapy …

  I believe we all come into this world the same way … these miraculous little beings of pure goodness with our own id’s … people we were intended to be … but then for many something horrible happens and … Continue reading

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Who am I? As I relate to “Emotional Neglect and Complex PTSD” by Pete Walker

My notes from reading the below article – Emotional Neglect and Complex PTSD by Pete Walker  emotionalNeglectComplexPTSD This article highlights the prodigious role that emotional neglect plays in childhood trauma, and how it alone can create Complex PTSD. Growing up … Continue reading

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My Daily Journal – Nobody knows me better than I do

2/24/2013 8:35 a.m. Well I’m up and moving.   I know I had at least 2 flashbacks but snapped out of it quickly so I don’t remember.  That doesn’t happen often.  Maybe it’s become I’m in a rage right now.  My … Continue reading

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Who am I? Age 30 to 35

Who am I? From age 30 to 35 …  Sept of 1987 thru Sept 1993 The beginning of my discovery of who I am … dysfunctional and overly responsible and caretaker? Pillar of strength of the family?  Letting go of … Continue reading

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Who am I? Age 38 to 40

Who am I? Before I begin my “inner child” work I want to go back and look at critical points in my life to try to understand who was present, inside of me, on a conscious level. From age 38 … Continue reading

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