Freedom is NOT FREE – Our Military & Veterans

I give credit to my Father, also a Veteran, for teaching and instilling in me values of respect and gratitude towards our Military, our Veterans, and therefore their families and loved ones.  The recent statistics are heart-breaking to those who sacrifice all either because they died at war or as a result of suicide.   Of course with the invasion of Complex PTSD I hold these brave individuals even closer to my heart.

It is extremely upsetting to me as we all seem to run around screaming and yelling about the VA (and for good reason) but I also believe there is a ME in WE.  I had a goal to volunteer at a local VA Hospital in Lebanon PA by Summer 2012 but I’m nowhere near ready to take this on as I am still limited to where I can go.

I can advocate for them from where I sit, in the safety of my home.  I do still need to do some work on managing emotions though as I become as highly charged over this topic as I do Child Abuse and Domestic Abuse.  There is no point to me talking if nobody is listening but I will keep pushing for growth so that I can pay back to those who are truly put it all on the line and when they say “I will die for you” it is the truth.  ❤


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