Advocating for Children who have NO Voice

Children have NO voice and are solely dependent on adults.  Yet from from where I’m sitting and observing, it appears to me that those have lead relatively healthy lives seem to just dismiss what is going on out there.  They/We all respond to events like the shootings on Dec 14 but after a short time they just go back to their lives???  and yet 5 children die everyday from abuse … 150 per month … I don’t get it. Who is going to fix this?

The number of children sexually assaulted recently went from 1 in 4 to 1 in 3. Who is going to fix this?

Why wait until children are dead to report your suspicions of child abuse? You can legally report suspected child abuse to the police anonymously – it’s their job to investigate it! SAVE OUR FUTURE!  Join Million March Against Child Abuse April 22, 2013!


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