WRAP Wellness Recovery Action Plan

WRAP is a popular system, developed my Mary Ellen Copeland, for monitoring and relieving uncomfortable feelings and behaviors, for working on recovery and for maintaining wellness and for making your life be the way you want it to be.   I was introduced to this concept while attending a 14 week workshop with my daughter to support her.  Little did I know at the time that some years later I would incorporate this as part of my wellness.

While WRAP® was developed by, and for, people who experience mental health difficulties, it can be used to by anyone working toward life goals, improving relationships and working together in groups.

Creating a Wellness Toolbox is the first step in developing your own Wellness Recovery Action Plan. This important component provides a listing of things you have done in the past, or do now, to stay well. It also includes things you already do or might do to help yourself feel better when you are feeling well. Examples of tools: singing, playing a particular sport, reading, drinking water, praying, calling a friend, and so forth. Each of these things is considered a Wellness Tool. Because it is such a beneficial source of information, the Wellness Toolbox is referred to often when getting ideas to complete a WRAP®. Thus, it is important to take time to create a rich Wellness Toolbox that reflects your personal interests and promotes recovery

Below is my most recent WRAP

20130309 Wrap


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