Why I choose to heal my inner child and ego state therapy …


I believe we all come into this world the same way … these miraculous little beings of pure goodness with our own id’s … people we were intended to be … but then for many something horrible happens and our inner being is masked to be someone else.  I always knew my childhood was messed up but somehow thought I escaped any long-term damage.  I was always aware of this deep black hole at the core of my soul but I didn’t really know what it was.  When I was in my 30’s while in marriage counseling I started to learn that I really didn’t escape but it was still just learning and changing to health habits and patterns.  Then when I was 40, after over a year of trying to cope with the worse anxiety, I hooked up with a psychiatrist who told me I had just blown a lid to a major depression that was masked entirely as anxiety.  I got off the wrong meds and on the right ones but also spent 3-1/2 weeks attending an intensive outpatient program.  Best and worst 3-1/2 weeks of my life but it was when I was formally introduced to my inner child … that deep black hole at the core of my soul.  I continued some recovery work, what I could while trying to juggle a demanding job, a family, a husband but then when I turned 50 the demons of all – Complex PTSD arrived.

My focus so far this year has been around developing emotional intelligence and awareness. Thanks to the free self guided program from HelpGuide.org.

I’m using some other tools to help get to know my inner child better and nurtured in the way that God intended her to be nurtured in the first place.

I am also interested in Ego State Therapy as I believe that as I get to know my inner child and also continue to try to push that nasty inner critic out of my life this approach in therapy will help bring all my “beings” into the person I was meant to be in the first place.



I’m in love ♥ I want this ♥ I continue to aimlessly wander around looking for something but I don’t know what it is until I find it. Ever experience that? When you find it you somehow just know … THIS IS FOR ME ♥ I can feel it deep in my gut and guess what … ALL of my “ego states” are in agreement ♥

Still doing some research but I love how Jean explains it ,,,

My Experience With Ego State Therapy

Each person is unique, and as such, each person’s process in therapy is unique. I am a writer, and my natural inclination has been to write my way through the process of ego state therapy. From what I’ve learned, however, most people don’t do their therapy this way. They go through the process in the company of their therapist in the therapist’s offce.

Put simply, the goal of this modality is to work toward some degree of integration of the “parts” inside the person who is in therapy. As the person gets to know her psyche’s “parts,” then she can get them to work together by creating an inner dialogue that eventually brings about peace. Some “parts” may merge or partially merge, some parts may fade away, and some may remain separate but be more open to communicating with the other parts.

This modality is a metaphor of sorts for what actually happens when the mind and the brain work together to bring about healing of trauma damage. In a sense, the person manages to undo some or most of the damage wrought by the original trauma. In my case, I’m just grateful that I can reduce the PTSD symptoms so they don’t make my life so miserable. However, I can sense more than that happening, but I’m not able yet to determine exactly what that “more” is. Whatever is happening beyond reducing the PTSD symptoms is a bonus, as far as I’m concerned.



About zappedin2008

In 2008, at age 50, my life was turned upside down and inside out with diagnosis of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of childhood trauma endured as a result of events/experiences with my Mother who was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia when I was age 2. I believe in the power of support and hope to connect with others to share experiences, ideas for recovery, etc. as we make this journey.
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3 Responses to Why I choose to heal my inner child and ego state therapy …

  1. lauriesnotes says:

    I wish I had found this type of work long before I did. It is deeply healing.
    Much peace,

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